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Impact of Product Announcements on Apple's Stock Price [CHARTS]

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The numbers tell a story of steady anticipation, followed by a steep decline, returning the stock close to or below its original value. The main exceptions to this rule were the original iPhone (announced in January 2007) and the iPad 2 (March 2011).

So, if you're going to buy Apple stock, wait 5 days after a new product announcement.

So to boost Apple stock...

Tim Cook: "We have nothing to say about MacBooks at this time."



Essentially, yes, Eric. The less he says, the more expectations grow higher.

The more he says, the more the stock comes back to reality.

The question on everyone's mind is whether a $600 billion company can become a $1 trillion company.

It seems insane to think of the idea of a $1 trillion company.

Insanely great.

Yeah, trillion does sound crazy. :)

And yet, achievable with the current growth trajectory.

Apple is nowhere close to saturating its market.

Buy on the anticipation, sell on the news

What if you just want to hold your Apple shares, like, forever?

Or is that unwise?

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