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These 23 Unbelievable Facts Will DESTROY Your Understanding Of Time

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23. This brilliant comic by artist XKCD is called Frequency

It’s one thing to talk about time… It’s another thing to feel it.

xkcd frequency gif imgur tumblr time

Source: xkcd 1331

9. The first pyramids were built while the woolly mammoth was still alive.

woolly mammoth Egyptian pyramid

While most mammoths died out long before civilizations arose, a small populations survived until 1650 BC. By that point, Egypt was halfway through its empire, and the Giza Pyramids were already 1000 years old.

13. This is what the difference in Olympic Gold looks like across 56 years of women’s vault.

Larisa Latinya McKayla Maroney Olympic gold vault gif Imgur Tumblr

On the left, Larisa Latinya wins gold for the USSR in 1956. On the right, McKayla Maroney wins gold for the US in 2012.

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