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Research: We’re Not Very Self-Aware, Especially at Work - HBR

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First, when individuals were less self-aware (i.e., there was a large gap between the assessments of their own behavioral contributions and the assessments of their team members), the teams substantially suffered. In fact, teams with less self-aware individuals made worse decisions, engaged in less coordination, and showed less conflict management. These findings held even when we controlled for teams’ overall levels of teamwork.

Is it fair to call self unaware people narcissists?

Well, "I" think so, but I'm not expert.  This article reminds me of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.  I need to post it here on PW if I haven't already.

Please do, I'd like to hear more about that besides this:

Okay, I just posted it.  Not sure if it sheds any more light.  I don't know how to post in right here.

Thanks, this helps.

The best thing to do when someone is being incompetent is to tell them.

The thing is... ignorance can defeat knowledge every time! Telling an incompetent person that they are incompetent is like fighting a land war in Asia with winter coming.

Because incompetence knows no bounds.

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