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▶ Stromae - Carmen (cover): social media loneliness danger

Source: YouTube Video

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Made a gif of the first minute:

Love is like a Tweeter bird!

Nice gif but kind of a sad video.

Isn't it more sad if you're not aware of the danger?

Yes, you're right, that is much sadder.

Social media cannot make us happy but it can make us sad. 

Note that's it's not a song against social media, but against social media (Twitter) **abuse** that can make you asocial.

Abuse meaning too much obsession with Twitter? Or abuse meaning something else?

Yes too much narcissistic obsession. Excuse my average English. :x

Your English is much better than my any other language. 

I see your point that social media encourages a lot of narcissism. 

Neat, your gif is #2 on Reddit!

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Wow, Stromae is really into this theme!