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Happy Dog: "I ate a bottle of glitter and now my poop sparkles."

happy puppy dog shaming I ate a bottle of glitter and now my poop sparkles cute photo pic meme Imgur Tumblr

1 million views on Imgur?!

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From the Reddit comments:

dog glitter fart poop cartoon drawing meme imgur tumblr

Dave Chappelle - Make My Dookie Twinkle:

dave chappelle make my cookie twinkle gif imgur tumblr diamonds poop

Are People Really Taking Glitter Pills to Make Their Sh*t Sparkle?

glitter capsules... what are they for??

Does... Does that really work?!

One of the Reddit comments shows the poop of a dog that ate a box of crayons.

It really was colorful!

cat runs through house of cards gif imgur tumblr