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There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

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How about we compromise. Escalator, anyone?

10,000 hour-long steps in some cases. ;)

When you mix the metaphors -- you'll be spending 10,000 hours climbing stairs -- it sound daunting.

The journey of 10,000 hours starts with a single step?

I think it starts with passion. And then you hardly notice the hours and steps.

So basically, lose yourself in what you care about, and the steps will fly by.

Do you focus on the number of steps? What awaits you at the destination? The sights along the way?

Well, you don't want to wish away the journey since that's most of your time.

So always keep the goal in mind, but enjoy the sights along the way.

Are the stairs going up or going down?

That's an optimistic question, Tristan. :)

Why did they ruin that ridge hike with stairs????

That looks just like the Koolau Ridge Hike on Oahu, except for all of the steel...

I was wondering why they added the stairs, too.

I imagine the stairway to success is crystal...

Crystal stairway

With each upward step, you have a better vantage point, greater vision, possibly sight of the goal.

That is very well said, Dan.

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