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Virtual Reality Enthusiasts and Developers Predict VR’s Future

Virtual Reality Enthusiasts and Devleopers Predict VR s Future Re code


A hundred and twenty years ago, there was a movie projection from Auguste and Louis Lumière. There’s a famous story that they showed a train going into a train station, and people were so afraid of the train coming at their faces that they went to the back of the room. Their brain wasn’t aware that this could be possible, and I believe that we are at the same state today with VR. “Wow, it can’t be possible, it’s too weird.” We need to train our brains, and then in two to three years, when you buy a smartphone there will be an accessory that converts the smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Every smartphone will have this accessory for free, or for $10, and then everybody will have a VR headset at home.

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