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Now this is a manifesto!

2015 is the year of the tableflip!

Well said:

When we try to take a seat at the table like Sheryl said we should, we’re called presumptuous.

We’re under-sponsored and over-”mentored” - in scare quotes for all the times that “mentoring” has been more like “mantoring”. Our serious technical hesitations are answered as though we’re asking what git is.

Our reviews are full of words like “shrill”, “abrasive”, “hard to work with”, “not a team player”, and “difficult”. We’re encouraged to be nicer and less intimidating and more helpful. Action items and measurable metrics are nowhere to be found. We’re promoted on performance, while our male peers half-ass their way up the ladder, failing upwards on the “merit” of their “potential.”

It’s time we take our potential elsewhere.

We’re following in the footsteps of brave women who’ve flipped tables out of our way, clearing the path we’re now walking down. We’re talking. We’re organizing. We’re sharing our long memories of all the creeps who’ve hit on us and the cowards who’ve failed to promote us. We’re lawyering up. We’re incorporating and fundraising for our own companies, and angel investing in other women who are building amazing things. We’re ceasing to give any more fucks about your incompetently-run “Uber for cats” app or whatever the fuck your company does.

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