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Workaholics Nicky Whelan Naomi fo sho gif

workaholics naomi fo sho gif imgur tumblr nicky whelan hot blonde australian s2e3 temp-tress

This is the temp Naomi from Workaholics s2e3 "Temp-Tress", fur sure.

Thank you LookMaImRoadkill for making this gif:

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About Naomi:

Naomi, the tall, blonde Aussie that just took a temp job at TelAmeriCorp, instantly becomes the office hottie (by default, really) and has to fend off advances by not only the half-witted Adam, Blake, and Ders, but also by Jillian, who in a matter of mere hours goes from innocuous female colleague to menacing stalker. I get it. Naomi's intended to be a throwaway character whose sole purpose is to expose how dog-minded the guys can be and serve as a catalyst for their juvenile behavior for one episode, but does she really have to be dating a lowly, average looking BevMo employee to give the guys the impression that they too are datable? And why does she have to be Australian?

She's Australian because the actress who plays Naomi, Nicky Whelan, is Australian.

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