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Pork Chili Verde Enchiladas Recipe

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Cinco de Mayo is coming right up...

With what would you wash these down?  :)

Modelo Especial. Sweet, sweet Modelo Especial.

BTW, most of the work of this recipe is just making a cup or two of salsa verde. If you have a good local source that makes it fresh, there ain't no shame in that game.


OK here is how to make this recipe low-carb:

* Filling will be roasted pork with salsa verde. I had a couple pounds of meat on hand from a roasted pork shoulder, and you should too.

* Make or buy 2 cups of decent chile verde. I would not personally eat the kind from a jar, but desperate times etc

* Cheese! At least 4 oz of freshly grated, good melting cheese.

* Cauliflower. Will explain how to make it work great in recipes.

Chile verde or salsa verde?

Ooops, good catch... definitely salsa verde.

So what I did to healthify this recipe:

Make sure the salsa verde is reduced till quite thick. If you buy your salsa verde in the store, you will probably want to cook it down in a pan by about half.

Mix the reduced salsa verde with about 2 lb cooked pork shoulder.

Make creamed cauliflower from 1 small head cauliflower. Boil till tender, drain, return to pot over low heat and chop/stir with a spatula until it seems quite dry, about 10 minutes. THIS WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Add 3 T butter (don't be a wuss!) and whip out the old immersion blender for a quick whizz.

This is where your personal creativity comes into it. You want to layer the pork, cauliflower, cheese, and possibly extra salsa into a casserole dish in whatever combination makes the most sense to you. If you like your enchilada casserole dry (like me), go straight pork, cauliflower, cheese. If you like the wet enchilada, top with extra salsa and possibly move the cheese to under the cauliflower layer. Obviously you can add all kinds of things in there: chopped onion, beans, corn, etc. Make the magic!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Argh, I have step by step photos of the process but WHY WON'T PANDAWHALE LET ME UPLOAD THEM!?!?!? Don't make me go to Imgur...

Oh I guess I can... if I can get the pix from my phone to the computer...

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