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42% of people using dating app Tinder already have a partner, claims report

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I suspected as much! Men in particular love to look at pictures of pretty girls even if they have no desire to actually date.

reportedly it is good for you. 

Tinder is spinning itself as a social network, not a dating app.

Tinder might prefer another explanation: that people are using its app to meet new people for platonic friendship rather than just romance. It’s a use case that the company has regularly suggested in media interviews.

“We never intended it to be a dating platform. It’s a social discovery platform, facilitating an introduction between two people,” Tinder’s then-chief marketing officer Justin Mateen told the Guardian in February 2014.

“As the product evolves, we’re moving into different uses for it, doing little things that will allow people to interact socially in ways other than dating.”

Um... I'd buy that more if they didn't force you to declare a gender preference as step 1. Sure it's possible that you'd like to meet friends on there... but most people's friends are at least 50% of their own gender. It's just ridiculous to think that you're going to build a solid base of friends by starting with a pool of people who 1) the first and largely only thing you know about them is what they look like, and 2) you had failed dates with them. Give me a break!!!

Halibutboy, good point. 

Megan Quinn also tweeted about this Tinder stat today:

Jared, what about it is good for you?

I have not used Tinder. I was attempting to make a joke toward the idea

Ok, so Tinder claims it's not primarily used for dating.

That claim seems false. 

and obvious. whoever heard of a marketing person that lies...

I guess they're telling this story to get other people already in relationships to try Tinder?

well they need to make the money for maybe they are slowly becoming the next ashley madison? =p

If they want to appeal to older users they better stop insulting them.

Tinder is 62% men, 38% women, and has so far made 6 billion matches.

The research also shows, unsurprisingly, that Tinder’s users are a relatively young crowd, with 38% aged between 16 and 24, and 45% between 25 and 34.

13% are aged 35-44, 3% are 45-54 and 1% are 55-64 – although if reports in late 2014 that Tinder had 50 million active users were true, that would still indicate half a million people in that oldest age category surveyed.

I see Halibutboy's point about gender. Tinder isn't matching platonic men with platonic men.


Well, right. Nice attempt at spin by Tinder but does anyone believe them?

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