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PJ Lifestyle » 5 Simple Mind Hacks That Changed My Life

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Some good quotes including this one:

Richard Branson: “When you have to make a decision, think carefully about it, pick the best option, and then don’t revisit it again unless you receive new information.”

What if you're always receiving new information?

or...if you are in input junkie... ;O)

"bit sponge" :-)

This is a good rule of thumb, too:

There’s a rule I learned and adopted a few years ago that helped get me out, about, and in the middle of life. It was, “If you have to choose between two roughly equal options, always take the one that leads to you doing something.” If your friends invite you to go to a movie and you’re kind of torn about whether to do it, you go. If you have a chance to go to a conference and you want to go, but you’d also be just as happy spending the weekend at home, you go. Ultimately, most of the great stories in my life and fun pictures on my Facebook page were created as a result of following this rule.

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