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Jerry Sandusky and the Mind of a Pedophile : The New Yorker

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New Malcolm Gladwell piece

This is a truly frightening article. I learned how little I know.

The pedophile is often imagined as the dishevelled old man baldly offering candy to preschoolers. But the truth is that most of the time we have no clue what we are dealing with.

I had no idea how evolved a strategy there was behind pedophiles' actions. Creepy.

Later that day, Chambers met with the boy who told her about the prior day’s events and that he felt “like the luckiest kid in the world” to get to sit on the sidelines at Penn State football games. The boy said that he did not want to get Sandusky in “trouble” and that Sandusky must not have meant anything by his actions. The boy did not want anyone to talk to Sandusky because he might not invite him to any more games.


This has always been the most heart-breaking part to me, since a year ago when I first read the grand jury presentment.

Football was the carrot; it is the gift he used to win not just their trust, but their admiration.

If you've grown up in a college (football) town, you'll know just how big of a deal this would have been to a child.

This is just heartbreaking and truly sad.

I hope in the future we believe our children.

To both your points, Sandusky wasn't an amateur when it came to this stuff.

He had a system, and he was very, very good at it.

The most dangerous sociopaths are charming and polished.

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