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Why I Migrated Away from MongoDB

Why I Migrated Away from MongoDB

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"NoSQL remorse" is what happens when you pick a tool that's not right for the job.

Turns out relational algebra - one of the very few elegant concepts of computer science - is useful! ;-)

It feels good not to throw out 40 years of SQL knowledge, research and development.

The comments are incredible:

Landon Noss:

I just... There are no words. You are just awful. Yes-- lets make sure we have our database work out schema enforcement, that will CERTAINLY scale beyond a few hundred queries per second, right?

Reply to Landon by Foljs:

NoSQL... is like ad-hoc kludges and wheel re-invention be people too young to remember the past and too ignorant of computer science...

Ad hoc (schema-less) databases are not some future; they existed back before relational algebra. In fact, relational algebra was a move out of the mess they caused, with each client to the data being responsible for enforcing the invariants.


  • Ladies and gentlemen, the NoSQL movement.
  • MongoDB is crap and it doesnt scale
  • There's definitely some developers behaving badly...
  • this is bullshit! Don't blame MonogoDB ! blame your misunderstanding of document database .
  • *Applause* - a wise decision to go away from MongoDB - don't believe in every marketing hype of MongoDB and 10gen.

Michael Jackson eating popcorn

Too.. Much... Entertainment! Hand me that popcorn, please.


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