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Silicon Valley's infamous 'Startup Castle' is getting evicted

Silicon Valley s infamous Startup Castle is getting evicted Fusion


But now, the Startup Castle (motto: “Educate. Liberate. Disrupt.”) is shutting down. An email sent to the house’s members by Katie Fritsch, the Startup Castle’s house manager, and obtained by Fusion tells the sad story:

Hi Everyone

Sorry to bear the bad news. We’ve been working hard to avoid this, but Startup Castle has to end.

Our landlord served us with a 3 day notice due to the media storm and the town of Woodside is now in deliberations to decide what to do with the situation. Sounds like a bad thing to get everyone here involved with, so today we told the town that we will be out of here this weekend. Thus, we have secured another house in Los Altos to move everyone to, and we all have to be out of here on Saturday.

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First rule of hacker house in Woodside?  There is no hacker house in Woodside.

Yeah, they should have been more quiet about it.

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