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The Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person for the Entire U.S.

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SF bay:

SF Bay Area race map meme infographic imgur

It's even bluer than it seems. Very not green. 

I'm impressed by the quantity of Asian people, they are not very visible on the internet.

Yes there are a LOT of them here. But they just quietly work so if you weren't here you might not realize there are so many of them here. 

What we see of Cali from here is mainly products of the Sillicon Valley, 90% of the occidental internet being from there, and I haven't noticed a lot of Asian in that.

That is because for the most part they build the products defined by others. 

Hopefully more of them will design products in the future. 

So what did we learn today?

That racial segregation is not just an old ghost from the last century but a reality?

(Will I have +2 on my final exam Pr. Panda?)

Yes you will. This is not yesterday's problem. This is today's problem. 

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