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Goats in a Tree in Morocco Help Harvest Argan Oil

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Amazing photo posted by Missy Bunch on Facebook, who says they're in Morocco:

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Moroccan goats love their trees.

This photo was taken at Route Essaouira - Marrakech.

Holy shit! You cannot make this shit up!

Oddly enough, the animals are actually an important part of the oil-making process. The nuts are incredibly difficult to crack open, so enterprising people poked through goat poop to pick out the valuable argan nuts. Through the magic of goat digestion, the shells of the nuts became easier to open, and processing went from there. These days, most of the argan oil used in cosmetics is harvested without the help of goats, but in some places, the traditional goat-poo process is still in place. Now you know.

But... but people use Argan Oil ON THEIR FACES!!

Benefits of Argan Oil to the skin and hair:

Today I Learned that goat poop oil is important for rich peoples' skin.

How Goats Climb Trees and Help Produce Argan Oil | POPSUGAR Beauty

People put it IN their faces!

Another common use for Argan oil is to make a traditional Moroccan bread dip known as amlou, which also contains almonds and peanuts and honey. Couple it with one of Yum's recipes, and you've got one beautiful snack.

Should I not be grossed out by that? :)

Here you go:

Should I not be grossed out by THAT?!

Wow! This is innovation at its best!!

Yes. Argan Oil is the best thing to come out of the backside of a goat:

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