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U.S. Postal Service Hopes To Deliver More Junk Mail « CBS Pittsburgh

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Ouch, I think they're going the opposite way. I think they should offer a service that digitizes *all* of your email and eliminates paper delivery altogether.

I'm going to make sure my paper karma app is up to date.

Digitizing all of your paper mail, you mean?

Also, what do you think of the new Amazon lockers?

yes, 100% digitizing of anything addressed to you.

The lockers thing is neat. I have a friend who wrote a patent for something similar a dozen years ago. I wonder if it ever granted?

I wonder too. Especially in cities and suburbs the lockers thing is awesome. We're just one hop away from there being Amazon stores like a cross between Apple stores and Mailboxes etc.

Why isn't there a digitizing mail company? Sounds like a brilliant idea.

I'm putting a kickstarter project up to see if there'd be any demand for it. (Similar to how e-toys did it). It got stuck as my Amazon business account couldn't verify my stupid identity though I gave them a million little pieces of stuff.

It's funny, the AWS business account software asked me 3 of the same questions as the US customers agent at the Vancouver airport when I had forgotten my passport. I'd been to Mexico so many times that he looked at me funny when I said in disbelief, "You need a passport to go to Canada??"

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