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4 Principles That Will Make You More Innovative | TIME

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Four principles:

  • Relax
  • Expose Yourself To New Ideas And New Perspectives
  • Get Ideas Crashing Into Each Other
  • Work Hard

Hmmm, #1 and #4 seem at odds with each other. 

Imma stick with #1, Relax

What is most likely your daily creative peak? Your morning shower. For many of us it’s the most relaxing part of our day — and the most creative.

Just being happy can make you more creative for days; seriously, just smile. Watching comedy clips helps, trying too hard hurts. If you tend to be hard on yourself, being less critical can make you more creative. Anger can boost originality in the short term — but it doesn’t last.

It’s probably no surprise that boring work is better done at the office and creative work is better accomplished at home. Hopeful employees are more original. Trust can even make your hairstylist more creative. On the other hand, rudeness from superiors craters original thinking as does time pressure. Thoughts of money often bring pressure and the best art is created when there’s no cash involved.

Being in nature relaxes us and even a mere potted plant in the office can increase creativity. Or just the color green for that matter.

Sleep is goodTaking breaks aids your idea-generating. Daydreamers are more original thinkers.

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