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Cat Sleeping on a Force Field

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Actually, Reddit calls it a force field but Imgur calls it a glass table, which is less satisfying.

Quick reason why it can't be a force field: unless it's strong enough to glue the cat to the ceiling, the force field can't be flat.

The mass distribution, and so the weight (= g*mass) distribution of the cat isn't flat at all, so the "surface of contact" should be following that distribution, and not be completely flat like shown on that pic, so this cat is clearly laying on a surface.

However, big living organism levitation is possible, but it requires very strong magnetic fields as organic tissues aren't as responsive to magnetic interactions as some metals for example.

Famous example of the frog levitation:

More details on the "diamagnetic levitation":

If you worry about the frog:

"In the case of living organisms, no adverse effects of strong static magnetic fields are known – after all, our frog levitated in fields comparable to those used in commercial in-vivo imaging systems (currently up to 10T). The small frog looked comfortable inside the magnet and, afterwards, happily joined its fellow frogs in a biology department."

Thank goodness the frog is okay. 

And thank you for that description of force fields!

In the Imgur comments is this pic from a photoshop battle:

cat sleeping on glass door jerry mouse cheese photoshop battle oddly satisfying Imgur

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