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I May Have Learned More from My Mentor's Death Than His Life

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This is powerful:

If we emulate only what we can observe, we will not have done right by them or ourselves — too much of life is, and should be, off-stage, quiet, invisible, contemplative, spiritual, in the company of intimates, and even on occasion solitary.

Seems like it was his mentor's WIFE who taught him the lesson:

Even now she doesn't get the full credit from her husband's mentees!

You might read the LinkedIn post and think the guy was really young or married only a short time. Here's the facts if you do a little more research: he was 57 years old at his death, which was not a lingering one, and only took his wife on a non-work vacation ONCE IN HIS LIFE?!?!? And that was 2 years before his death! And she clearly had asked him to work less.

Whoa. Thank you for surfacing those details. Totally changes the meaning of those words.

All your observations are remarkably mindful and caring. A true delight to read your posts!!! 

Kind of you to say so, Milind. 

Thanking Mentors is a recent thing on LinkedIn. Here's Adam Grant:

I found that through Emma Seppala:

My favorite line in it is from Thomas Jefferson:

If you use your candle to light mine, I get light without darkening you.

Source of the Jefferson quote:

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