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8 Great Philosophical Questions That We'll Never Solve

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Philosophy goes where hard science can't or won't.

Here are 8 mysteries of philosophy we'll probably never resolve:

1. Why is there something rather than nothing?

2. Is our universe real?

3. Do we have free will?

4. Does God exist?

5. Is there life after death?

6. Can you really experience anything objectively?

7. What is the best moral system?

8. What are numbers?

And: Why are we here?

I'm hoping the next Prometheus will have all the answers.

Intelligent life elsewhere likely has a lot of the answers.

Well we already know that Elon Musk is basically Peter Weyland. Perhaps he'll make it farther than Mars.

If the Singularity comes before he dies, he'll make it a lot further than Mars!

#5 would cease to matter, no?

It would still matter. Even post Singularity people can die, but it would be more due to accidents and suicide than disease and age.

Jared, I mean ontologically:

We use numbers every day, but taking a step back, what are they, really — and why do they do such a damn good job of helping us explain the universe (such as Newtonian laws)? Mathematical structures can consist of numbers, sets, groups, and points — but are they real objects, or do they simply describe relationships that necessarily exist in all structures? Plato argued that numbers were real (it doesn't matter that you can't "see" them), but formalists insisted that they were merely formal systems (well-defined constructions of abstract thought based on math). This is essentially an ontological problem, where we're left baffled about the true nature of the universe and which aspects of it are human constructs and which are truly tangible.

I was being facetious. =)

I thought that was the smell of human facetious. :)

I'd say eternity is a thing to be researched. This good post has some good arguments.

Heh. Eternity does seem very... Long.

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