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Rough day? Time to visit the Rage Room, where destruction is encouraged...

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I think meditation may be a better solution. No body armor required. :-/

And yet, destruction can be cathartic.

For $20 and a sense of composure, one may shatter, smash, or otherwise dismantle a variety of household objects.

Haha, that's kind of like doing matial arts, but without the art and philosophy.

It might not end very well. ^^

Entropy is always increasing, right?

Not exactly, you're probably talking about the 2nd law of thermodynamics and this statement is said to be true for an **isolated** system. 

Isolated meaning 0 exchange of matter and 0 exchange of energy with the outside.

So it's not applicable to a complex organism like a human because it constantly exchanges matter and energy.

And it's very easy to reduce the entropy of a system that is not isolated. For example, putting a water bottle in the freezer: the (good) bottle isolates the water from matter exchanges but not from energy transfer --> the water transfers heat to the freezer until it becomes ice, water molecules are then better organised --> entropy decreased.

But to come back to the subject, yeah the ragers increase the entropy by breaking stuff!

Seems better to break stuff in a controlled environment than to randomly break things in real life!

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