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These are the 25 most popular mobile apps in America

These are the 25 most popular mobile apps in America Quartz


As the US smartphone market matures, the mobile-app leaders aren’t changing.Some 21 of the top 25 apps, as ranked by comScore, were the same in June 2015 as a year ago, when we first published this list. Eight of the top 10 were the same. Those were: Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, Google Play, Google Maps, Pandora Radio, Gmail, and Instagram.

The main new top-10 entrant was Facebook Messenger, which was ranked no. 3 in June 2015, up from no. 12 a year ago. Its massive success highlights two things: The importance of messaging as a primary mobile activity, and Facebook’s ability to split itself into two apps and successfully drive adoption of Messenger.

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So basically apps are winner take all. Very hard for new apps to break out. 

I note that fewer than half of the Top 25 apps are ad-based:

Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, Instagram, Yahoo Stocks, Yahoo Weather, Twitter, Weather Channel, Snapchat, Pinterest, Shazam, Kik.

Google owns 5 of the top 7 mobile apps: YouTube, Play, Search, Maps, Gmail.

Facebook owns 3 of the top 12: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger.

Yahoo owns 3 of the top 25: Stocks, Weather, Yahoo Mail.

Google, Facebook, Yahoo - all deserving winners. They work so hard all the time!!

Yes but they also leave very little room for new companies to enter the market.

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