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First State Legalizes Taser Drones for Cops, Thanks to a Lobbyist

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A taser drone presumably tases people without another person getting into firing range with them?

Actually, that could save lives. 

On the other hand, this is ripe for abuse:

It is now legal for law enforcement in North Dakota to fly drones armed with everything from Tasers to tear gas thanks to a last-minute push by a pro-police lobbyist. 

With all the concern over the militarization of police in the past year, no one noticed that the state became the first in the union to allow police to equip drones with “less than lethal” weapons. House Bill 1328 wasn’t drafted that way, but then a lobbyist representing law enforcement—tight with a booming drone industry—got his hands on it.

Top Reddit comment:

This article is such bullshit. Here is the real story:

Police in ND could and already have been using drones (think predators, not quadcopters) for survellience and search and rescue missions. They have been doing this with no restrictions whatsoever. A bill was recently passed to put limitations on how police could use these drones. It said that police could not use them to search personal property without getting a search warrant, and that they could not be equipped with lethal weapons (since some predator drones have missiles on them, lets specify that police can't use the ones loaded with missiles. After all, every time the police want to use a drone for something, they've been borrowing the drones from the military/ department of homeland security.)

Then, some sensationalist journalist decided to nitpick the wording about 'no lethal weapons' and pointed out that this technically does not ban 'nonlethal' weapons such as gas or tasers. The police department never intended to, or had even thought of, equipping their drones with tasers. But now that restrictions have been placed on their drone use, non-existent taser drones are not technically banned. That is the only thing that is really happening here.

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