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Eliminate ego, don't focus on k, and understand engaged users - Growth according to Chamath via Sandi MacPherson - QUIBB

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Short version:

Be disciplined and wait for virality

"Core product value is elusive and most products don't have any" -Chamath

Eliminate ego and lore

"The hard truth - most people don't know what they're talking about" - Chamath

Beware of too much abstraction

"Growth is about a very simple elegant understanding of product value and consumer behavior" - Chamath

Wait, did Chamath actually say that most products don't have any core product value?!

It's important to note that Chamath joined Facebook after they had 10 million users.

Virality can only function in a value-enhancing way once the previous 3 parts of the framework (Acquisition, Activation, Engagement) are established and strong.

Here's the Hacker News discussion.