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For the first time, a paraplegic has walked without a robotic suit.

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Incredible breakthrough!!! Scientists were able to help a paraplegic man walk 12 feet by linking his brain to his body OVER BLUETOOTH!

Wow, even more amazing considering that my Bluetooth headset has trouble keeping its connection to my phone. Requires a lot of patience:

It wasn't just a matter of strapping on the EEG cap and taking a stroll. Prior to the attempt, Fritz underwentextensive physical rehab to strengthen his muscles and learned to control a virtual avatar using the BCI device. He also made similar movements in the lab while suspended slightly above the floor. During a conversation with Sky News, Fritz dubbed the interface a "mind walker," and said, "it's complete concentration. You have to think about every single step when you're doing it."

Right? We have one of those Bluetooth enabled door locks and it takes about a full MINUTE just to connect to the app.

Perhaps the problem is with our apps, not with Bluetooth itself.