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How to Become Amazing by Getting 5% Better

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.We don’t actually follow through on the things we know will make us better. We get a little too robotic. We get up at 8:30 when we said we’d do 5:30 from here on out. We leave that essay until the last second even though that was was never going to happen again. We’re five minutes late. We don’t become More at all, and the failure to get there makes us feel like Less."

The culprit is the thought that any important change happens quickly.

Real change is hard and happens slowly, little by little. 

The truth is that whatever bad habits you have or whatever things you’re struggling to learn, there’s probably a good reason.

Your biology and your experiences to date have set you in stone to a certain extent, and the older you are, the more likely that is to be true. Warren Buffett likes to say that The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. Billion-dollar industries have been built on convincing you that it’s easy to make big changes or to get a lot wiser and better. But it honestly isn’t. It’s hard work. But a study of great individuals reveals that the work is worth doing.

So just imagine if you could make slightly better decisions every year. Whether it’s 5% better consideration of all of your decisions, or making 5% of your decisions differently, or some permutation thereof, it doesn’t really matter. Every year you’ll look back at some part of your old self and wonder how you could’ve been so dumb. And one day, in less than 30 years, you’ll look back and see your old self as almost unrecognizably stupid.

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