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Skitch 1.0 rereleased because 2.0 so bad.

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Thank goodness Evernote reverted to 1.0:

Never take away useful tools from image users!!

Earlier this month, Evernote launched version 2.0 of Skitch, the popular screenshot tool the company acquired in 2011. Sadly, Skitch 2.0 didn’t just do away with Skitch’s idiosyncratic but highly functional user interface, but it also dropped a number of features in the process. Version 2.0 currently has a 1.5-star rating in the Mac App Store and almost 600 1-star reviews. Today, Evernote is launching version 2.0.1 of Skitch and thankfully, this version brings back a number of features that went missing in the first update. In addition, Evernote is making Skitch 1.0 available for download again.

Evernote says it just submitted the update to Apple, so it may take a few days before you see it in the App Store, but you can download it from the company’s servers now. The new version reinstates a few old features and introduces quite a few new ones, as well. Skitch 2.0.1, for example, now allows you to choose which file format to save your screenshots in (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP). This update also gives you control over how and when you want to sync your screenshots with Evernote and you can finally rotate images again.

New features include the ability to change arrow directions (some people, it seems, prefer to draw their arrows tail first and others arrowhead first), as well as the addition of some keyboard shortcuts.

Still gone, however, is the ability to resize an image just by grabbing and dragging the corner of the app’s window, as well as the magnifying glass that allowed you to make sure your screenshots were accurate down to the last pixel. You also still can’t minimize the app to the menu bar.

Too little too late for Skitch, I'm afraid. I looked into Snagit as a replacement and am hooked. Snagit blows Skitch away feature-wise and effects-wise, supports Evernote, FTP, Facebook, YouTube, etc, without forcing an online service down your throat, supports customizable hot keys, lives in the menu bar , and has a gorgeous interface. It's not cheap, but I am more than please with it.

Thanks, I will look into Snagit.

I also found this: Bring back the old Skitch.

In it the power users describe the old features they miss the most:

easily change file formats

resize on the fly

make timed snapshots (holding down the shift key)

decide which of my snapshots I want to keep, or which don't matter (the new version puts every snap into my Evernote, which really clutters it up

ftp to my accounts

get to Skitch from the menu bar

set the default size of my lines and fonts

change the size of lines (you can't do that by dragging, like you can with the fonts)

use shift-drag to constrain dimensions to produce squares or circles

name the file, or select the file format from the tab

retake a screen shot keeping the old annotations in place

take a snapshot of the entire web page, beyond the current window (although they did make it a bit tricky to find)

Fill bucket

Transparent background

Custom colors

continue to use the old version without Evernote trying to replace it

What they do like with the new version is the ability to sync all of my devices. And also to use Skitch on my iPhone and iPad is very cool.

That's a good list.

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