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Koko the Gorilla gets 2 new kittens for her 44th birthday in 2015.

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Koko truly loves kittens. 


Understandably so!

Back in the day Robin Williams tickled Koko:

Robin Williams tickles Koko the gorilla gif Imgur

Imgur comments:

Reddit comments:

i love this scene.  <3

Me too!

awww... that made me teary at the end.  koko said she loved him. <3

She did love him and she was so sad when she heard that he died. 


we are so lucky to have koko.

We really are! Although as Darius notes below there's no way to visit her. 

oh there's a way, but it's just for a select few.  like robin williams...

Well then I need to figure out how to become one of a select few. :)

Koko lives at the Gorilla Foundation in Woodside, California, not at the San Diego Zoo. Not that it matters, really. :-) Love it when she wants the kitten on her head at the end of the video!

I had no idea Koko is in Woodside! Are we civilians allowed to visit her at the Gorilla Foundation?

Yes the kitten on her head is super cute!

the kitten on her head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all should be lucky enough to have kittens on our heads. 


i think visiting Koko is a very rare privilege.

You are very right. Most volunteers don't get to meet Koko:

adam, maybe you and koko are destined to be friends... can't you just see it?  :)

I can see it! Just gotta figure out how...

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