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You can grow new brain cells. Here's how. ~Sandrine Thuret

Source: YouTube Video

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TED blurb:

Can we, as adults, grow new neurons? Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret says that we can, and she offers research and practical advice on how we can help our brains better perform neurogenesis—improving mood, increasing memory formation and preventing the decline associated with aging along the way.

Sandrine Thuret, Neural stem cell researcher

Sandrine Thuret studies the way adult brains create new nerve cells in the hippocampus — a brain area involved in memory and mood.

Reddit comment:

It turns out that calorie restriction and a diet low in saturated fats encourage the growth of new Neurons and lowers depression. Now I know why I never cry in the car. (07:03 onwards in the video)


Reddit comments:

Not really new stuff in it, good for neurogenesis: excercise, sleep, food: omega 3 acid, reservatol (included in red wine), nuts, low sugar, low kalories, cucurmin etc.

But good to watch as a resume. To my mind she has to include a part about probiotics :)


I'm not faithful to one brand of probiotic pill or kombucha -- I switch around all the time. It's my belief that diversifying the gut flora with different manufacturers percentages of this and that bacteria is also healthy.

Acidophilus probiotic by Natures Bounty TruBiotics by One A Day And most recently I asked my wife to pick some up for me and she picked up the Walgreens brand probiotics (don't know any more specifics since I'm at work now)

The only brand that I can remember of kombucha tea off the top of my head is the Synergy brand, and FreshBeak brand -- although I've drank several other brands.


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