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Tastibo Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

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File under super yum.

Super yum!

Chia Seeds contain prebiotics.

What’s the Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Prebiotics work similarly to probiotics in that they increase the absorption of minerals and help to keep the right acid balance in the gut. Prebiotics are sugar molecules that serve as food for the healthy flora in our digestive tracts. I think of prebiotics like “fertilizer” in a garden and probiotics like “seeds” in a garden. Both work together to allow food to grow and both need each other to thrive. Prebiotics are found naturally in our food supply.  Foods like honey, chia seeds, onions, kefir, yogurt (real cultured yogurt), bananas, garlic, green tea and asparagus all contain prebiotics naturally. However, prebiotics alone won’t do the job—the food in your garden won’t grow with fertilizer (prebiotics) alone, you need to plant the seeds (probiotics) first! Probiotics are necessary to ensure a healthy balance of gut flora.


Fertilizer and seeds are great metaphors for prebiotics and probiotics.  Thanks for adding the link!

You're very welcome, Geege. I was excited to find that.

I need to add chia seeds to my diet. 

I need a good blackbean burger recipe in which to hide chia seeds.

Chia Chiptole Black Bean Burger?

Chia Chipotle Bean Burger Recipe - Relish


That looks delicious!!  Must get a Vitamix!

Does a Vitamix provide value over other blenders?

Every Vitamix user I know swears by them.

But I'm not waiting on a Vitamix to try those burgers.  :)

Not sure I understand why Vitamix is better than a blender or food processor. 

But yeah, you can make those burgers without one. 

Ah, she does prefer the food processor to the Vitamix but here's why she likes the Vitamix:

For me, it came down to one basic thing: the analog control dial and a basic on/off switch. Blendtec has a digital touch screen. Digital things break sooner. I have heard of Vitamixes that have lasted 20+ years and have been passed down from grandparents to grandchildren. I wanted a blender that would last forever, and that’s why I chose Vitamix.

So what do I use it for and why do I love it so much?

The Vitamix is truly a professional grade blender. If you go into the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, you’ll likely find a Vitamix blender making that smooth puree you keep going back for. This machine will pulverize just about anything you put into it. I also love how easy it is to clean. I put a little dish soap and water inside, turn it on, and it cleans itself!

Wow, this sounds so easy - will try. Also, yes Vitamix all the way! Super expensive but can you buy a refurbished one.

Chia Pudding IS easy and also very tasty!

Thanks for the perspective on Vitamix. 

Ditto - thank you!  Saving for a Vitamix as of yesterday.  :)

Vitamix is expensive! Do they offer a payment plan?

Three or five EASY payments!  

We've just given Vitamix some free advertising.  Maybe they'll knock off a payment.  :)

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