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Why Restaurants Matter by Bo Peabody

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An ode to restaurants. "Dining has always been a subtle seduction, beginning with the look and feel as we walk through the front door, then slowly drawing us in with the service, long before we take our first sip or bite. That the storyline involves us, as guests, makes us feel that we are the intellectual and cultural equals of the restaurateur."

It's funny to see him extol restaurants. 

I always think of restaurants as places where I can never quite be sure what ingredients they're putting in the food. I usually worry that they're using sugar in their foods even when their foods aren't sweet!

You cannot worry about ingredients and eat out :) My approach is - if you eat healthy most of the time, it is OK to indulge once in awhile.  Eating out 3 times a week, as the author does, could be, indeed, detrimental to your diet. Unless you are blessed with the genes that keep you fit(-looking) no matter what you eat.  

Ah, I see why you think this is especially funny coming from Bo Peabody - He was a chairman of HealthGuru and EverydayHealth!

It's interesting to me that he's so into health. 

Because I'm like you. I consider eating out to be a special treat not a regular thing!

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