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Don’t stress about your debt. Go ahead and go broke in your 20s.

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On first read I was a little judgy about this first-person confession by a woman who spent her 20's racking up $14000 worth of credit card debt... but then I realized, hey she worked hard and paid it all off by age 30, and didn't expect the world to give her anything. This person is actually very realistic and seemingly happy, with a strategy that makes sense for her generation's conditions. I always hate it when people who had the luck to grow up during the postwar economic expansion think they can dictate "wisdom" to younger people who will NEVER have that kind of luck -- not accepting that so much of their experience was historically contingent rather than the fruit of their own intrinsic superiority. After reading the story two or three times, I actually felt like I learned something and admired her!

She's right that experiences are more valuable than money. 

She'll never be in her 20s again but she will always have the memories. 

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