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Marijuana extract slashes pediatric seizures, landmark study confirms

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These CBD-rich extracts typically have very little of the THC that gets you high, real stoners would consider them "loser weed"... but they can help kids with epilepsy. Side effects if any include spaciness, munchies, and sleep.

This study confirms that marijuana has medicinal properties. As if there was doubt. 

big score for weed!

Well, and it can HELP CHILDREN.

The argument for marijuana being illegal federally makes no sense anymore. 

maybe our 2020 wager will be null and void.  ;)  4 years is starting to sound too far away.

All Congress needs is some political fortitude. How long will that take?

who knows???!!!

It could take a long time. They're stubborn. 

and old!

Old is just a state of mind, not a state of being. :)

true.  they need to be served pot cookies at the next meeting!!  that'll change their state of mind!

This is the 2015 equivalent of "I'd like to buy the world a Coke", isn't it?

hahaha!  yes.  totally.  but without the sugar.

Sugar is legal and marijuana is illegal. But sugar is far more toxic than marijuana. 

It's sad society has gotten that so wrong. 

it is.  and really, it was just a few greedy guys passing laws (tobacco, timber, alcohol and newspaper tycoons) and making money (food and beverage boys) over the past hundred years or so.  too bad sugar caused an obesity and diabetes pandemic and marijuana laws created mass incarceration before we started to wonder.  i'd like to see cancer, depression, autism, and a slew of others eradicated with the help of cannabis.  that would be a nice way for this twisted tale to end.

And then people in the future will wonder why we let things stay wrong for so long. 

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