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Train Yourself to Train, Not Exercise

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The simple first step away from yo-yo exercising and toward a healthier lifestyle is to make movement a priority. Scads of articles over the past few years have told us how sitting too much is killing us and that evenfive minutes of running can have real health benefits. Weaving something like a short run into your daily routine won't necessarily make you lose weight or turn you into Laird Hamilton, but becoming a mover will make the transition to training easier.

Training means structuring workouts toward an athletic goal, like a race or another organized event. Exercising, on the other hand, is movement for the in-the-moment feel-goodness of it. There's nothing wrong with exercise. It's just that, for many people, the reasons they exercise are often weak and lead to poor long-term adherence.

I like that. Become a mover.

Stand instead of sit, walk when you can, take the stairs, run instead of walking occasionally.

Yeah, that's good!

Consider becoming a bike commuter! :) It is the most practical way to fit movement into your day.

Bike commuters move more in the morning than most people move all day. 

"I say all the time: if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready" - Will Smith.

Good one!

if you stay ready you ain't gotta get ready

This makes a lot of sense. Whenever I exercise for a specific goal (like building up my endurance for tennis season), I'm way more focused and consistent!

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