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"Like Eating Glass": Sean Parker on Airtime's Bumpy Launch - Liz Gannes - Media - AllThingsD

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“Now is the most toxic time ever in Silicon Valley,” explained Parker, because people start companies without conviction about their ideas, just to get bought by Facebook or someone else.

Not him, apparently.

But first there are the many bumps, especially the worrisome changes in leadership at Airtime.

First, there is Feng, who will be leaving the company soon, marking a quick exit for the high-profile “acqhire” who was formerly the founding CTO of Hulu and a partner at powerful venture firm Kleiner Perkins.

After Airtime bought Feng’s start-up Erly in March, Parker and Feng fired members of the existing Airtime product team, ripped out the technology that had been built over the past two years — which apparently broke under the strain of just 100 concurrent users — and rebuilt the site in time for the June launch.


I honestly believe in the concept; I think, however, they should focus on mobile -- iPad specifically -- super fast.

It's an iMessage and Skyoe competitor, not a chat roulette competitor.


Is there a good reason why they didn't start with mobile?

They didn't know how? The article claims the CTO came and fired the ENTIRE technical team who had been working on the product for two years?

That's march.

They launched June 5...


Sounds like they've run into the problems a lot of money can cause.

Like Color.

Basically. Maybe they should just outsource development to a Dev shop ...

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