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Inside Out with all the Inside scenes removed is just 15 minutes long. Outside Edition still has The Feels.

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Still causes The Feels.

Fun Reddit thread:

I just realized Pixar is right next to Arizmendi Bakery (you can see the Pixar building from the patio), and they only sell one kind of pizza each day (it rotates) and it pretty much always has vegetables on it.

It's delicious. But not fun if you were expecting pepperoni.

I never made the connection because they're in Emeryville, not San Francisco.


There's a place in Berkeley that does the same thing.


Yup, Cheese Board and now Sliver. Mmm :)


Yep. Arizmendi in Oakland was started by some folks from the cheeseboard in Berkeley. Then they expanded to additional locations in Emeryville and SF.

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