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74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

74 476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza Planet Money NPR


One day last year, an engineer and I went to a pizza place for lunch. The engineer told me he wasn't very hungry, but he said he was going to get the 12-inch medium instead of the 8-inch small — because the medium was more than twice as big as the small, and it cost only a little bit more. This sort of blew my mind.

So I went big on the pizza-value question. The graph below is based on 74,476 prices from 3,678 pizza places around the country. To see how the price of pizzas changes with size — and how much more pizza you get when you get a large — drag the slider at the bottom the graph.

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That's crazy.

And yet it makes sense: The primary cost of a pizza is labor and overhead, not ingredients. 

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