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Social Login Buttons Aren’t Worth It, says MailChimp

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So that big drop in login failures? It was all caused by better error handling and copywriting. That’s it. It wasn’t the social login buttons, though they did make a small contribution to our lower login failure rate. But if they help at all, why kill them? Even a 3.4% drop in failures is worth having them there, right? Maybe not.

So they removed the buttons to make things simple?

“The login screen is the first impression people have when they use our app, and their first impression is too many options. I’m always a fan of a measured approach, and I rarely ever dictate a big change like this, but I’m extremely repulsed by all the buttons and I want to restore simplicity. I feel that strongly about this.”

Their research is fun to watch:

Oh, I see. Associating yourself with Facebook or Twitter can hurt your brand,

Remove their buttons and you remove users' associating you with Facebook or Twitter:

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