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The Most Overused Word in Public Speaking is Excited

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Here's why EXCITED is a cliché:

I would wager that 99% of all public speakers use this word at least once within the first 30 seconds of their presentation. It's as if  "I'm really excited to be here today.." is on some kind of permanent cut and paste by the people who prepare these remarks.  On occasion, I've heard some variation of excited said three times in rapid succession: "I'm so excited to be here today during such an exciting time for our company. There's no question that this is an exciting time to be part of our industry.."  The declaration "I'm so excited" hasn't been on such a relentless loop since 1982 when it was the title of The Pointer Sisters  Top 40 hit.  It wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that the majority of presenters say how excited they are while wearing a stone-cold-bored expression on their face. 

Why do I object to any of the above in the first place?  Because saying them will make you sound like everybody else.  There's no better recipe for being thoroughly forgettable than to verbally be a bird on a wire. Your goal should always be to stand out and be distinctive and I can't think of a better way to start than to avoid clichés and threadbare phrasing.  Now that's a legitimate reason to get excited.

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