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Stop Saying β€˜I Feel Like’

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A sad trend.

"β€œI feel like” masquerades as a humble conversational offering, an invitation to share your feelings, too β€” but the phrase is an absolutist trump card. It halts argument in its tracks."

"This is what is most disturbing about β€œI feel like”: The phrase cripples our range of expression and flattens the complex role that emotions do play in our reasoning. It turns emotion into a cudgel that smashes the distinction β€” and even in our relativistic age, there remains a distinction β€” between evidence out in the world and internal sentiments known only to each of us."

I don't know anyone who uses this phrase. Do you hear it a lot?

There are a lot of examples in this article. I personally have not heard this phrase much - but I only listen to the radio about 2 hours a week, and do not watch TV at all. And as to knowing anybody - my guess is we have a very select circle :)

I believe we have a select circle too. :)

I feel like a pizza.

Do you have a thin crust, or thick?

I guess "I feel like eating" is okay?

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