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Don’t create a sense of urgency, foster a sense of purpose. by Kimber Lockhart, Medium

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Insight to Mindfulness: “This state of being, whenever you experience something directly without added inner commentary, as hippie as it sounds, is something that is actually natural. You can still accomplish things but you do them without the overbearing, overburning drive.”

Excerpt From: Wax, Ruby. “Sane New World.” Penguin Group, USA, 2014-10-02. [Page 213; iBooks]

So be present but don't try to narrate everything?

"Trying to create urgency reflects the age-old confusion of hurrying with speed — the misguided notion that if you’re not always hurrying, you’re already behind."

"More haste, less speed" I always say!

So haste includes purpose?

Let’s retire sense of urgency and instead look for sense of purpose. A sense of purpose is a deep understanding of the reasons behind our efforts and a desire to pour in time and energy because that purpose resonates with the impact we’d like to make on the world.

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