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General Geek Flowchart

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Google is all about D&D:

Page Rank = Character Level

Page Hits = Hit Points

Internet = Dungeon

Oh my.

Does that make you an Arch-Mage? Time to start casting some Level 9 spells.

I was thinking that it's time to make some potions, too.

In real life, we're HP 1.

Unless we're wearing armor!

Even a bulletproof vest can help...

Armor might add +10 to Defense. -5 to endurance. I swear, just carrying my bag to work feels like a workout on some days so imagine how armor would feel. I used a backpack (+10 endurance) but then my colleagues made fun of it because it wasn't exactly professional (-5 mojo). Good thing I have coffee (+100 stamina), it cures all.

If only life were like D&D, you'd have, like, a million experience points Soyeun!

Save your game often!

That's pretty much true for life, too.

I love that fantasy baseball found its place.

Is fantasy baseball just D&D for adults?

Don't you think it is?

No, I think it's more like work than D&D.

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