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How 'Star Wars' Seduced Another Generation Of Kids : NPR

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Ishwar, and his friend are both 5 — meaning they were born after the last of the six Star Wars films came out. But just as all toddlers seem to go through a public works phase in which they want to play with trains and trucks, millions of slightly older boys find their way to Star Wars.

Which then makes George Lucas seem genius, considering how many games, cartoons, comics, books,action figures are associated with the brand...

So JK Rowling will release more Potter universe books in about 20 years?

That makes sense for her to do. And Twilight. And Hunger Games. Maybe even LOST.

Perhaps Sesame Street should privatize itself, too.

I never watched LOST. Hopefully not for twilight, if I have kids I don't want them subjected to that, haha. Hunger Games makes sense as either prologue or epilogue to further explore the universe.

Basically what Halo will do now what the IP is in Microsofts control and not Bungie.

Remember back to the future and like Jaws 19? Yeah it'll be like that.

The Sesame Street comment is funny, although I'm sure someone has already thought about it. Some former governor of Massachusetts, perhaps.

It was 30 years from 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' (1979) to 'Star Treak (2009). Only 16 years from 'Batman' (1989) to 'Batman Begins' (2005). Just 10 years from 'Spider-Man' (2001) to 'The Amazing Spider-Man' (2012).

So by some measures 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' (2001) is already overdue for a reboot/reimagining with an all-new cast.

I hate those damn clones, "Bring me Solo". Totally being the "Lego guy" but Lego has sustained the Star Wars licence since the prequels and with the Clone Wars cartoon on Cartoon Network to add new material for new Lego sets it makes sense that 5 year old boys are into it. Lego + Star Wars is match made in marketing heaven. Parents don't stand a chance.

Not just Star Wars but Batman and Harry Potter saw huge lifts from the LEGO cross promotions.

The movies are almost an afterthought to the merchandising at this point.

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