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Reminder: The Delicious Food You Love Is Basically Bacteria and Yeast Poop

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Bread, Chocolate, Cheese, Beer, Wine... All thanks to micro organisms. 

You’re probably pretty careful to keep mold and bacteria away from the food you eat, and promptly throw out anything that becomes contaminated. We make huge efforts to avoid rotten food, but also, paradoxically, huge efforts to consume it. In fact, a surprising amount of the foods we eat rely on pre-digestion by bacteria and yeast to make them less perishable, more nutritious, and tastier — we just call it fermentation.

It’s not just for yogurt and kombucha — fermentation is key to way more of the foods you eat than you probably realize. It’s high time that bacteria and yeast earned proper recognition for their role in the production of deliciousness.

A lot of Asian foods are the product of fermentation. Soy sauce, bean paste, miso, tempeh, kimchi... even black tea.

So basically, fermentation = delicious. 

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