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Vegan Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies

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Not a vegan and don't hate gluten, but legumes with chocolate - I'm intrigued.

Never heard the phrase Black Bean Brownies before. I wonder how they taste. 

I'll let you know.

Thank you!


vegan gluten free black bean brownies

What sweetener did you use?

Coconut sugar.

Good call. Sounds delicious!

No offense, but what is the purpose of the beans? I have seen red velvet and devils food cakes with beets and carrot cakes with applesauce for moisture... but beans with chocolate sound like one of those weird things moms do to make you eat more fiber.

Cool but I'm good with just eating beans. Don't need to combine drugs and nutrition :p

Well they are DELICIOUS.  👍🍆

Uh... Geege, do you know what those emoji mean?

Thumbs up veggies, right? 

[AWK-ward] Let's just say you should never send these emoji on Tinder :/

It is banned in Instagram searches, too.

That explains it.  My Tinder account is "Meg Plant".  I had no idea.

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