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Lomo al Trapo: The Colombian Technique That Will Change the Way You Grill Beef

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Pretty sure this is the ultimate dinner party dish. Dramatic, delicious, and easy... of course it is neither fast nor cheap, but for a dinner party those seem less important.

Such a precise preparation, too:

He started by trimming a large, center-cut piece of beef tenderloin. Tenderloin is always a lean cut, but the tenderloin in Colombia is especially so, though Colombian beef makes up for its leanness with a very hearty, almost gamy flavor. He then showered a clean, damp towel with a ton of salt—covering a rectangle about 10 inches wide and 12 inches long with a depth of about half an inch—and placed the beef on top of it. He quickly rolled the beef up in the cloth, folding in the sides like a burrito to create a tight parcel, which he wrapped with cotton twine and tossed directly onto a bed of glowing coals.

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