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Smoke and Pickles: A Look at Chef Edward Lee’s New Cookbook

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We love meat, the South loves meat. We love greens, the South loves greens. We love pickles, the South loves pickles. We love bourbon, the South loves bourbon.

Sorta thinking my next career might involve running a BBQ and kimchi stand at the Floyd VA farmers market.

Yes! You must!!

Between the strength of his recipes and his natural knack for storytelling, we’ve dog-eared the bejeezus out of this book already. Take his Braised Brisket with Bourbon-Peach Glaze. The soy and bourbon in the cooking liquid is the one-two punch that gives the meat incredible depth of flavor. Or his Collards and Kimchi, a celebration of two humble ingredients that just work together (recipe below). And with each recipe, a backstory—on flavor combos, on local artisans, on his obsession with pork rinds—demonstrates his unique ability to synthesize the crazy, raucous, thoughtful, delicious caucophony of his life.

Kimchi, y'all!!

A fancy BBQ place in SF sells little small jars of kimchi on the side for like $9!!! It's a thing!

That sounds like a winning combo, Joyce. 

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