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What Does Appropriate Office Dress Mean in 2016?

NYT Opinion Room for Debate

Official dress codes have become much more relaxed in recent years. How does that change what professionals wear


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The Debators


This new environment might seem rule-free but there is one thing you can count on: The guy at the top is now almost always the most casually dressed dude in the room.

Technology Has Destroyed Our Sense of Style TROY ALEXANDER, BLOGGER

When people can work from home in pajamas, and social media provides role models in ripped jeans, “business casual” loses all meaning.

Wear What You’re Comfortable In JENNA CUSHNER, AIRBNB

For some people this means jeans and a hoodie every day, but for others — those impressively clad souls — it may look like they just walked out of a fashion magazine


Younger people might be dressing more casually but plenty of professionals are still required to present themselves formally

Business Casual Isn’t Going Anywhere for Some Professions ERICA VILLANUEVA, PARTNER, FARELLA BRAUN AND MARTEL

Law is a profession that still requires those who practice to wear suits on many occasions, including any court appearance.

When a Uniform Is Office Attire, Thousands of Feet in the Air HEATHER POOLE, FLIGHT ATTENDANT

Aviation "office" dress code is specific for good reason. A uniform makes the flight crew recognizable, which can be the difference between life and death.

Marlene where do you stand on this issue?

Applied for the sake of 'image', I don't agree. I do think dress matters in differentiating between who works in a place and who doesn't. Imagine walking into a bank where everyone was wearing laid-back, 'running errands' clothes.

The expense of living up to a dress code can be enormous. Think of the difference between a real estate agent and a plumber, both earning around the same income. Mr. Agent spends for a 'business' wardrobe, including cleaning, and don't forget the car... needed to show clients how successful he is.

(The opposite for Mr. Plumber. Besides not needing to wear color-coordinated fashion ensembles – "clothes" is just too gauche – potential customers would be very leery if he pulled up to their house in a new Mercedes SUV G class.)

Those are excellent insights in dressing for the role. 

The dress code is: you must wear clothes. No nudity permitted. 

Also: Why no women in the story on Silicon Valley fashion?

"Perhaps it exists? But the women I approached said it wasn't as obvious as it was with the men."

I like Adam's dress code. 

Yes, wearing clothes is good. (Isn't there a SF ordinance requiring nudists to not sit directly on public seats, to sit on a towel or pillow, instead?)

If that ordinance doesn't exist, it should. We're trying to create a civil society, you know. ;)

A novel approach to gun control, though. Nudists with a CCW? (Concealed Carry Permit)

Heh. I thought the nice thing about nudists is that you can see what they're carrying. 

What if I want to be retired?

"This lifestyle requires that I spend money in order to look professional in order to advance my career in order that I may someday make more money."

It doesn't make a whole lotta sense when we put it that way. 

"In New York, no employer may require dress codes that can’t be evenly applied to both men and women: For example, if women are required to wear heels, so must men."

I like that. :)

"Heh. I thought the nice thing about nudists is that you can see what they're carrying. " You can see if they're packing lol!

Yes, no concealed weapons. :)

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